Simple CSS

Simple CSS 2.3

Creates Cascading Style Sheets using point and click

Simple CSS is an easy utility for creating, editing or modifying Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The application is easy to learn and use and all the output result files are preview if desired. User interface is very intuitive and is simple to use by means of the system mouse.

The software allows to import CSS projects and sheets for editing and modifying or updating. When importing CSS files, in order to avoid to overwrite existing files on the current project, the application ask for opening a new project first, and then import the existing file(s).

By using CSS, the user's web page visitor has to load less information (data) per page, so the transfer time gets reduced with the same amount of information, the user's pages are loaded faster, which makes the navigator more comfortable when surfing through them.

Simple CSS tool is an small application that allows the user to create, duplicate, rename, import, export and delete CSS projects and sheets, manage multiple CSS projects and existing CSS sheets. It supports CSS2.

Ignacio Solves
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